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Rebecca From South Glens Falls Fits Back Into Her Little Black Dress!

Lean Body Bootcamp has been amazing! I initially started doing the workouts 4 mos ago in preparation for my 20yr high school reunion. I wanted to lose a few lbs and tone up in order to look and feel good for this big event.

The results exceeded my expectations. I have gained muscle and definition that I have not seen in years. I feel better, healthier and my clothes fit again.  I tried on a pair of jeans that had been put away for about 5yrs -after my wedding-and they fit!! I have lost about 7lbs, does not sound like a lot, but I have built muscle now that is continuing to work for me even when I am not working out. I love the fact that the exercises can all be done at home on my own and without any expense for special machines or equipment. The reunion has come and gone (I felt great as I walked in in my little black dress!!) But what I have learned at Lean Body Bootcamp will last a lifetime…thanks Sue!!”

Rana From Ballston Spa Is Addicted…..

“Participating in a Lean Body Bootcamp session is addicting. I feel stronger, more motivated, and more fit with each workout. I can see progress in my ability to do strength and cardio exercises. The fast pace, varied exercises and challenging program keep it fun and exciting. Susan Campbell is available for questions and advice that not only includes fitness but she can speak knowledgeably about nutrition and overall healthy living. I am in my second session of Lean Body Bootcamp and find it to be a great fitness opportunity for a mother of two who has limited time to work out.”

Holli From Saratoga Won’t Go Back To The Gym…

“Working out at Lean Body Bootcamp has been a great experience. It ended up being way more than just a workout! Susan is an experienced and educated trainer who not only helped whip us into physical shape, but she focused on everything we needed to think about to become healthier people, like offering information on better food choices. It was much more beneficial than paying for gym membership. It really is the whole package and in my experience, you don’t get that at a gym. I would definitely recommend Lean Body Bootcamp to anyone looking to improve his/her well-being.”

Kelly From Clifton Park Lost 10 pounds!

“I have had the pleasure of working with Susan from Lean Body Bootcamp for a few months now. At each boot camp session, Susan leads us through a series of strength training circuits using our own body weight as resistance and incorporates cardio intervals to blast fat and boost our metabolism. People having varying fitness levels attend boot camp and all campers work at our own pace. Susan ensures that no one gets hurt and everyone is working within their current fitness level and ability. I have lost almost 10 pounds and I fell great thanks to Susan and Lean Body Bootcamp.”

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Susan Campbell, MS, CSCS

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